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UPVC window repairs

About UPVC window repairs

Do you have a problem with a UPVC window and wonder If it can be repaired? If your windows are becoming stiff, hard to close, draughty, misty or they are jammed shut, we can help.

We are the UPVC window repair specialists you can rely on when you need professional, reliable, UPVC repairs. On top of this, we are also qualified master locksmiths with the Master locksmith association so you can rest assured we can carry out all UPVC repairs including on all the mechanical parts. We are DBS checked, and fully insured, and we give a guarantee on all work we carry out.

Common Problems with UPVC windows

UPVC windows won’t close

When a UPVC window won’t close or is hard to close, it is usually a result of faulty hinges. Over time, parts of the hinge get worn and loose and when they do, the window doesn’t align properly when you try to close it. It’s this that makes it hard to shut.

We can replace the hinges on all types of UPVC windows including on top and side hung, in all different types of locations. We have specialist equipment that allows us to work on very big windows, even if they are up high

UPVC window won’t lock shut

If a UPVC window won’t lock shut then it could either be an issue with the handle, the mechanism, or one of the locking parts if its a 3 piece mechanism. If something breaks off, it usually jams up one or more of the parts and stops the handle or mechanism from working properly. I carry a large variety of handles, gearboxes and mechanisms on the van and can repair 99% of problems on the first visit.

UPVC window stuck shut on one side

When a UPVC window is stuck shut on one side this is usually due to one of the locking points of a 3-piece mechanism failing and getting jammed up inside the window. With a 3-piece mechanism, you have a central gearbox and 2 locking points attached to it from the sides and the parts that are attached tend to be quite brittle. If the mechanism is not maintained and the window continues to be used and the handle forced, one of the parts ends up shearing off and jamming up one side. It is quite a common problem and one we deal with a lot, so if this does happen to you, give us a call and we will come and fix it for you.

UPVC Window won’t open

If your UPVC window is stuck shut, it is usually the result of a broken window gearbox, locking point or mechanism. When one or all of these parts fail, it is nearly always in the locked position, resulting in your window being stuck shut.

We have the experience, tools and know-how to get your window open without causing any damage to the window or frame. We carry a vast amount of different window gearboxes, locking points, keeps and mechanisms so that we can repair most window issues on the first visit.

top hung upvc window not closing

If your top hung UPVC window is not closing then it could be due to a couple of things. It would likely either be an issue with the hinges or part of the mechanism like a shoot bolt that has failed in the locked position and is hitting the frame. We can resolve both issues. Sometimes by repairing what’s there, or by replacing the faulty hinges or mechanism.

UPVC window stiff to open

If your UPVC window is stiff to open then it is best to call us asap. A window is usually stiff due to being poorly maintained or a part is starting to fail. In either case, it’s always better and cheaper to get it looked at and fixed before a part does break. Once a part breaks it’s always more expensive to put right and a possible fire hazard if the window is an egress escape route if it ends up being jammed shut.

UPVC window mechanism problems

Window mechanisms usually come in 1 or 3 pieces. One-piece mechanisms do go wrong but tend to be less problematic, whereas 3-piece mechanisms which comprise of a gearbox and 2 additional locking parts, tend to have things go wrong with either the gearbox or 1 or both of the locking points. The most common issue with UPVC window mechanisms is either a window failing to lock, or it is stuck in the locked position. In either case, we can replace and repair all parts and fix all related issues. We are dealing with window mechanism problems daily so there is not an issue we have not seen before or one we cannot fix.

UPVC window handle problems including the following:
  • UPVC window handle won’t close
  • UPVC window handle won’t turn
  • UPVC window handle stuck

There are various types of window handles, and each one of them has faults related to them. Some get stuck shut, some go floppy, and others spin around.

Although handles do go faulty and need replacing, sometimes an issue with a handle is the result of a problem with the gearbox or mechanism, which then affects the handle. In cases like these, we can repair or replace the gearbox or mechanism, and carry on using your current handle.

Regardless of whether the issue is handle, gearbox or mechanism related, we can repair it for you.

UPVC  window hinge problems

If your windows are letting in drafts, water, or noise, or if they have gaps around the edges, then your window hinges are likely broken or on their way out.

UPVC window hinges tend to fail because they have been neglected and not maintained, or just through repeated use and wear and tear. Over time the parts on the hinge wear and get loose and once they do, the alignment and tightness of the window go, resulting in either the window not closing properly, gaps forming around the window, and water or draughts coming inside.

We carry all the most common types and sizes of hinges on the van so we can repair the majority of windows on the first visit, and for any that we don’t have, we can order for next-day delivery.

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    UPVC window repair FAQ’S

    Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get regarding misted double glazed window repair.

    My windows are high up; can you still fix them?

    Yes, we have specialist equipment that allows us to work on high-up windows in the trickiest of locations. We can work on top hung, side hung, tilt and turn and sliding sash windows.

    I only need one window replaced; can you do this?

    Yes, there is no minimal order, we can do as little as 1 or as many as you want/need.

    Why won't my UPVC window open?

    When a UPVC window is jammed shut, the likely cause is that the gearbox or other part of the locking mechanism has failed. Under no circumstances should you try to unjam it. You will likely cause unnecessary damaged to window. We have the experience, tools and know how, to get your window open, and back in use.

    Can UPVC windows be repaired?

    Yes, we can repair all parts of a UPVC window including the glass, hinges, handle and locking mechanism.

    Who repairs UPVC windows?

    We do, we are UPVC window repair specialists. We work on UPVC windows on a daily basis so there is no issue we have not seen before. We can get your window repaired and back in use.

    UPVC window repair service area

    We repair UPVC windows including the glass, hinges, locks, and all moving parts.

    We are based in and cover the whole of Essex so we will usually be able to get to you very quickly depending on your location. We pride ourselves on giving a great service which you will see through the recommendations and reviews we have on our various pages including Facebook, Google, Checkatrade, and Yell. We cover all of the locations below and surrounding areas.

    Hatfield Peverel
    Great Baddow
    Leigh on sea

    Southend on Sea
    Westcliff on Sea
    Canvey island

    Horndon on the Hill
    Langdon Hills
    Chipping Ongar
    Ramsden Heath

    South Woodham Ferrers
    Stanford le Hope

    Need UPVC window repairs?

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