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Euro cylinder security features explained

Are you looking to upgrade your euro cylinder and make your door and home more secure? Are unsure what each feature does and what ones you require? Carry on reading and below we will cover all of the main security features.


One of the most common techniques that criminals use to break into UPVC and composite doors is lock snapping. This is made easy for them if you have a very cheap cylinder with no security features or if your lock is ill-fitted. This can be prevented by installing an anti-snap lock. There are various levels when it comes to anti-snap features, and we always recommend you buy the best that you can afford but even upgrading your cheap cylinder with no security features to a mid-range lock with sacrificial cuts will improve the security.


Lock bumping is a technique where you use a modified key to bump the pins above the lock’s sheer line which results in a quick and quiet entry. Anti-bump locks have various features to combat this. Although bumping is not a very common break-in technique, it does still happen so it’s worth having this feature on your locks.


Another favourite technique of the criminals to gain entry to a property is to drill the lock. Most locks, even some of the cheaper ones will have anti-drill pins which are placed at various locations on the lock to make it harder to drill. Better locks will have more pins in more locations making it very hard to drill.

Lockdown mode

Some high-security cylinders have a lockdown feature. This is usually activated if a lock is attacked by one of the common break-in techniques like snapping or drilling. When the lock realises this is happening it will shut everything down and it will then only open by the key.

Restricted keys

If you are worried about the possibility of someone getting a copy of your key cut without your knowledge, then choosing a lock with restricted keys is a must-have feature. The lock will usually come with a card and once you register the details online, only the owner of that card can get a key cut from your keys.

British standard rated locks

British standard locks have been tested against all of the main burglary techniques so having British standard locks, ensures that you are guarded against the most common forms of attack. Most insurance companies require British standard locks as a minimum so it’s worth also bearing this in mind when choosing your locks.

2 star handles

A great way of increasing your door security level is by adding 2 star rated handles to a 1 star cylinder, which will bring your rating up to a full 3 stars. It will give great anti-snap protection for the lock and make it harder for the handle to be snapped as in most cases, 2 star handles are thicker and stronger than standard handles.

cylinder guard

Euro cylinder guards are a 2-piece metal guard that is fitted on either side of the euro cylinder and fixed together with a screw. They can be used on timber, composite, and UPVC doors and will fit most types of euro cylinders. They are designed to prevent lock snapping and removal of the lock by surrounding and securing the lock in place. In most cases, they are 2 star rated so if you fit them to a 1 star cylinder, it will bring your security rating up to 3 stars.


I hope this guide has helped you to better understand the security features of euro cylinder locks. I am based in Hatfield Peverel near Chelmsford, and I service the whole of Essex so If you live in Essex and feel like you could do with further advice or a free security survey, get in touch and I will be happy to help. I’m one of the top-rated Chelmsford locksmiths in my area so you’d always get quality service from my end.