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Services that locksmiths provide

Everyone knows that locksmiths provide lockout services and will get you back into your home when you are locked out but what other services do, they offer? Below we will run through some of the other very important services that they provide.

Gaining entry

Most locksmiths in Chelmsford will offer an emergency locksmith service but not all lockout services are equal. We offer non-destructive entry and will try many techniques to open your door without damaging the lock before we reach for the drill or any of the other destructive entry tools. Beware of locksmiths offering their lockout service very cheap as they will usually destroy your lock and charge you a very high amount to replace it, which is a very common locksmith scam.

Making secure after a break-in

Unfortunately, a very common service that locksmiths provide is making secure after a break-in. Usually, this involves replacing handles and locks which are damaged when criminals gain entry. When this happens it’s usually best to upgrade your locks to either a 3 star rated British standard lock or a British standard 1 star rated lock and 2 star rated handles.

Key cutting

Most locksmiths will offer a key cutting service from their van and will be able to cut most of the common cylinder and mortice keys. The benefits of having a locksmith cut your keys as opposed to a shop are that in most cases it’s cheaper and you have the benefit of trying the keys in your lock before they leave so you can make sure they work. There is nothing worse than getting keys cut and only finding out when you get home that they don’t work, so you have to go back to the shop to get another set cut.

Window repairs

Most people will not know that a locksmith can also open and repair window locks and mechanisms. So, if your window is locked shut, we can unlock it, if your window is jammed shut, we can unjam it and if the mechanism has completely failed, we can replace it.

Failed mechanisms and jammed doors

If you have issues with your UPVC door and they are left, the gearbox and/or mechanism will eventually fail, usually resulting in the door becoming jammed shut. It can be very hard to unjam and open the door, even for a locksmith with our tools and training so if you have issues with the door or mechanism, get it looked at before it jams up or it can be very expensive to unjam and put right.

Servicing locks

If a lock is left and never serviced, after time it will fail. It will either seize up, usually causing a key to snap or the cam will fail if it is a euro cylinder lock. This tends to be quite common with thumb-turn euro cylinders. A locksmith will be able to service your lock, which will prolong the life and prevent many other issues that arise from neglecting a lock.

Security upgrades

If you are worried about how secure your home is, a locksmith can give you free security advice and upgrade your locks and security if needed. Sometimes just changing a lock from a standard grade to a British standard one can make a world of difference in terms of security.

Lock changes after a move

A very important service that locksmiths provide is lock changing. If you have just moved into your new home, lost a set of keys or someone has moved out, it is very important that you change the locks to avoid any unnecessary intrusion into your home by someone who has a key. In most cases, if someone breaks in this way insurance companies will void any insurance that would otherwise cover you. So, if you think someone may have a key, get your locks changed for peace of mind.


I hope this guide has helped you to better understand the services that locksmiths provide. I am based in Hatfield Peverel near Chelmsford, and I service the whole of Essex so If you live in Essex and need a locksmith, get in touch and I will be happy to help.