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UPVC Door Hinges Replaced in Great Baddow

Today I was called to a property in Great Baddow that had a problem with a door that wasn’t opening or closing properly.

Both of its hinges were failing, causing the door to drop and tilt to one side, making it very difficult to shut and lock the door.

As the hinges were old and now obsolete, a direct replacement was not available. I managed to find a set of hinges, that had a similar footprint and the same motion, so they were ideal to retrofit.

I deglazed the door and removed the bottom panel to make the door lighter, and easier to remove from the frame.

I then replaced both failed hinges and added a third hinge for extra support as the door was very heavy.

I reglazed the window, added the panel and toe and heeled the door to get the alignment right.

Once all of this was done, the door was opening, closing, and locking much better.

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