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Bifold Door Unjammed and Repaired in Boreham

Today I was called to a property in Boreham that had a stuck-shut set of Bifold doors. The multipoint lock had failed in the locked position and the customer was unable to open the doors.

Unfortunately, at first, the customer had called one of the scam locksmith companies that send untrained workers who don’t have the correct tools or experience to do locksmith work, let alone, unjam a set of bifolds.

They started by using a screwdriver to pry open the door, causing damage to the door, seal, and frame on both sides. Upon seeing this, the customer made him stop, and then he called me.

The customer was then charged, even though they had caused damage and were unable to get the door open.

I managed to manipulate the mechanism and get the door open without causing any additional damage to the door or frame.

The gearbox was replaced, the mechanism serviced, and the door realigned, and it was back working as good as new.

If you have a problem with a UPVC, composite, or Bifold door, DO NOT call any of the companies offering cheap prices on Google ads. They are not trained or experienced and they do not have the correct tools or replacement parts.

They do more harm than good and use a bait and switch scam to quote low and charge high once they start working. It never ends up as cheap as the quote, so be careful.

There are some very good local locksmiths in and around Chelmsford so do your research before ringing a company and letting them attend your home to do any work.

Check out their reviews online along with getting recommendations on social media and from friends and family and you can’t go wrong.

For more information on any of the locksmith or UPVC/Composite/Bifold repair services I offer, get in touch via our contact page.